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Business Partnerships Good or Bad?

There are many reasons why people form business partnerships:1. Spread the costs2. Spread the workload3. Limit the riskThese are the obvious reasons why business partnerships are formed, but the question is do business partnerships work or can the forming of them be the beginning of the end.The main problem in my experience in forming a business partnership is what kind of partnership are you going to form, are you going to have legal contracts drawn up, what is the percentage be based on 50-50, 60-40. Will one partner agree to work on the business, while the other sorts out the financial matters? As you can see there are many things to think about.My advice would be.1. Do not have a 50-50 partnership every business needs someone to make the final decision, every business needs a boss, ultimately decisions need to be made. If both partners disagree on a matter, it will ultimately cause a problem.2. If you are in the small business market do not go into a partnership unless you cannot avoid it. Partnerships in the beginning can appear to be the answer to many problems, however they are generally problematic, and have ruined many a good friendship.3. If you do go into a partnership, make it legal seek advice from a solicitor.4. If you are contemplating a partnership of any description think long and hard about it, it will probably be the most important decision you make.Saying all this some partnerships are very successful, however the majority are unsuccessful and end with bad feeling and bitterness. It is certainly not some that should be taken lightly or a rushed decision.If you would like any more information on this subject then please visit our website at, we have a team of experts who are well versed in the art of business recovery. Our website offers an array of Business Services including a FREE business directory and a Free website review service.This article is free to republish with the signature block.